VIDEO: Conservative Confronts Sen. Menendez Over Easter 2012 Travel Disclosure

Conservative activist and ‘gun girl’ Celia Bigelow confronted Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) this past weekend in Washington, D.C., over his whereabouts last Easter. Reporters following the Menendez scandal have pointed to this particular period of time as one that raises further questions about the allegations facing the Senator. Critics are not satisfied with the Senator’s reluctant partial disclosure.

Menendez is being investigated for ethics violations for failing to report his travels to the Dominican Republic as a perk from close campaign donor Salomon Melgen.

Bigelow wrote about the exchange in an article on

Menendez was traveling alone on Thursday, March 14th, from Washington, D.C., to New Jersey in the first class cabin of the 2119 Acela train. The train left Union Station at 8 p.m. and its final destination was Penn Station in New York City.

When Menendez exited the train at Newark Penn Station, this reporter exited with him and approached him asking for a photograph. After taking the picture, this reporter asked: “But, just a quick question. With the whole scandal and everything, why won’t you just come out and say where you were Easter Sunday 2012? Just clear things up?”

Menendez did not answer the question. “Basically, the people who have all said that have all filed affidavits saying they lied,” he deflected, and immediately began to rush toward the exit.

Watch the full exchange below:

Bigelow also recently confronted Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) during a Q&A section at his anti-gun townhall event in Northern Virginia last week (VIDEO).

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