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NSFW-Best News Interview Ever

Sorry, Nail Yakupov. Your 2012 World Junior Championship post-game interview has been eclipsed as the best interview of all time. Meet Kai, a homeless hitchhiker/skater/surfer dude who saved someone’s life by using a hatchet to stop a deranged man from killing people in Fresno, CA. This interview (which contains some f-bombs) is epic:  

Marquese Scott Blows Minds Again

You may not know the name but you may know his first viral video. Marquese Scott did the crazy slow-mo dance to “Pumped Up Kicks” that had the internet debating if he the video was slowed or if he could actually dance in slow-mo. His latest video has been on YouTube for 3 days and [...]

Cockroach Weatherman Moving To A New Station

Remember our favorite weatherman? 2006 feels like only yesterday. Justin Mosely is moving on. He’s joining a West Palm Beach ABC affiliate station. We pray it has roaches. Just for our sakes. “I will always be thankful to the entire Suncoast community for being so supportive,” Mosely said. “I feel like I found myself here.” And [...]