BREAKING: Ex-Obama Campaign Worker Identified in Weiner Scandal

A 23-year-old woman from Illinois who says she worked as a field organizer on President Obama‘s 2012 re-election campaign was involved with Anthony Weiner in an online sex affair, according to a report at the liberal blog BuzzFeed.

Sydney Elaine Leathers has protected her Twitter account and shut down her blog in the wake of revelations Tuesday that Weiner continued his “sexting” activities more than a year after he resigned from Congress following a 2011 scandal. A search of online records indicated that Ms. Leathers is from the southern Illinois town of Mt. Carmel, near the Indiana border. In 2011, she created a petition denouncing Sarah Palin for “inciting violence.”

Syndey_Elaine_Leathers, which first revealed the new scandal, had referred to the woman only as “Anonymous,” and said she had “lawyered up” because of fear of reprisal from Weiner or his supporters.

Ms. Leathers described herself in an earlier profile as “Field Organizer for Obama for America/Student/Political News Junkie/Progressive Stuck in a Conservative Hell.”

At a press conference Tuesday to address the new scandal, Weiner vowed to stay in the race for mayor of New York. “I hope [voters] are willing to still continue to give me a second chance, ” said the 48-year-old married Democrat.



  1. July 23, 2013  10:00 pm by Gayle Knaff Reply

    Ms. Leathers described herself in an earlier profile as “Field Organizer for Obama for America/Student/Political News Junkie/Progressive Stuck in a Conservative Hell.”


    Well, sweetie, you could make your way over to a Progressive / Liberal Utopia called Detroit. It's been firmly in the grip of liberal / Democrats for 50+ years, using every single liberal idea.

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  6. July 24, 2013  9:10 pm by PW Reply

    She's from Mt. Carmel? "Conservative hell" huh? I'd bet money her dad or mom work for the college there (maybe somebody who hated being stuck at WCC and thought they deserved to at least be teaching at a BOG school, at least -- maybe that's where she picked her attitude from), or for the coal plant (and then she's rebelling) -- and Ms. Leathers is one of those poor little darlings who has to live, as one of the probably comfortable if not privledged) in a small (but for the area, fairly nice and well to do) town that lacks for shopping...and those horrible poor people (the space between "rich", which in south east central IL can be somebody making 60K a year and poor, which isn't too great an existence; a lot of it is rural poverty). Mt. Carmel has largely avoided the same fate as most towns in that area; which have much higher unemployment rates, but the poor do exist and they are very poor.

    She probably longed to be a member of the political glitterati and go places (especially with better shopping and trippy little bistros where the truly cultured hang...not like back home).

    I'd bet some money that's her back story.

    • August 11, 2013  1:00 am by pliz Reply

      Look up how to use parentheticals.

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