British Company Turns Human Ashes Into Vinyl Records

We all want to be immortalized after we leave this Earth. Either by our deeds or by our memorial (tombstones).

A company in England has a new concept to immortalize someone. And Vinyly will take the ashes of crematiojn and make it into a vinyl record.

A company called “And Vinyly” — rhymes with “And Finally” — will now process your cremated remains into a 12-inch vinyl record that includes 24 minutes of the music of your choice. According to, for a fee of about $4,600, decedents can will for their ashes to be included in the pressing of 30 vinyl records to be distributed to friends and loved ones.


The process, he said, is actually quite simple. A person’s ashes are delivered to a pressing plant in London and added to raw vinyl. Then the vinyl is pressed into a 24-minute record, 12 minutes per side. Leach said that most people struggle not with the price — which is actually less than a traditional burial — but with what music or sounds they want to choose.

What song would you use to immortalize yourself?

rock on


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  1. August 1, 2013  4:46 am by Finrod Reply

    Well, the last two songs on my favorite album, Boston _Hitch A Ride_ and _Foreplay/Long Time_ come to exactly 12:00, and if I could stretch it to 12:13 I could put Blind Melon _No Rain_ (a personal theme song of mine), Blue Oyster Cult _Don't Fear The Reaper_ and Kansas _Dust In The Wind_ on the other side.

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