Monthly archives: January 2013

Beyoncé Opens Presser By Singing National Anthem A Capella

Via Gawker, Beyoncé answered questions from the press today at her Super Bowl press conference and defended her controversial lip-syncing of the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration, only after she made a flashy point. When she was first announced, she walked straight to the podium and asked the audience to stand. She then sang her version of the National Anthem a capella, as if to silence her critics once [...]

Cockroach Weatherman Moving To A New Station

Remember our favorite weatherman? 2006 feels like only yesterday. Justin Mosely is moving on. He’s joining a West Palm Beach ABC affiliate station. We pray it has roaches. Just for our sakes. “I will always be thankful to the entire Suncoast community for being so supportive,” Mosely said. “I feel like I found myself here.” And we found you there. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) Aww (0)

Touching Story: Civility Lives!

So the next time you’re getting a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with extra whipped cream, a squirt of caramel syrup, and some awesomeness to go with it, look around for someone’s paycheck. We all know how hard they are to come by these days. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (2) Aww (0)

CNN Reports on Menendez Scandal, Friends Backing away

CNN got around to reporting on the evolving scandal of Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, and his involvement in flying to the Dominican Republic and allegedly soliciting underage prostitutes, and it looks like his defenders on Capitol Hill are starting to back away from him. After earlier laughing off the scandal as a product of politics and warning the press to consider the source, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn’t answer [...]

Speaking of Reshelving Non-Fiction As Fiction...

Book Riot recently published a list of non-fiction books they think ought be reshelved as fiction. Believe it or not, Lance Armstrong’s memoir (and pretty much any book he’s written or contributed to) didn’t merit a mention. Really? But, maybe it’s just “too soon” to go there. The worst thing about the list is that Book Riot settled on Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue, as the token politician’s memoir to grace [...]

Five Classic YouTube Videos That Are Still Funny

1.”APACHE DANCE - HASAN BABA” I have literally no idea what is going on in this video. Between the fantastic dance moves of the grandfather, disinterested grandson in the front, amused baby off to the side, and the mysterious disappearing shoe, this video is a classic. 2. “Russians sledging off buildings” Remind me again how the United States won the Cold War? These people are fearless. 3. “*HILARIOUS FAIL!* MN [...]

Boyz II Men Heartthrobs Recruited by Vladimir Putin to Boost Libidos in Russia

Authoritarians show a softer side for Valentine’s Day: President Vladimir Putin’s crusade to raise the country’s birth rate is set to get the support of three powerful voices on its behalf. A baritone and two tenors, that is. The stylish trio of Boyz II Men, the most successful R&B group of all time, is coming to Moscow on Feb. 6. The group will perform a selection of their classic and new romantic ballads, hopefully giving Russian men some inspiration ahead of St. Valentine’s Day. The band members Wanya Morris, Shawn [...]

Senator Ted Cruz to Chuck Hagel: Why Did You Call the US "The World's Bully"?

In freshman Senator Ted Cruz’s first line of questioning for Chuck Hagel, the nomination to become President Obama’s next Defense Secretary, he asked why Hagel, in an interview with Al Jazeera TV, agreed with a caller that the United States was “the world’s bully.” Hagel denied that he agreed with the caller and Cruz called him on it. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) Aww (0)

Al Gore's Book Tour from Hell

Vice President Al Gore somehow didn’t realize that the mainstream media was actually going to ask him questions about his recent sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera for a reported $500 million. Whoops… “I get the criticism, I just disagree with it…” ReactionLOL (2) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) Aww (0)