Reaction Roundup: Has Reince Priebus Lost His Mind or Is He Onto Something Brilliant?

This morning ViralRead reported that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had released the ‘RNC Growth and Opportunity Guide’, highlighting some of the failures and successes of 2012 as well as how the GOP should move forward in upcoming election cycles.

A fury of mixed feelings have come out since the release by Priebus from Republicans all across the spectrum. The question people are asking is: Has Reince Prieus lost his mind or is he onto something brilliant? Here are a few of the reactions we found -

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey says -

Republicans cannot just walk into those communities as outsiders a couple of months before an election, talk about free markets and liberty from a 30,000-foot level, and expect anyone to pay attention.

Rick Moran of the American Thinker writes -

Though it [RNC Report] steers clear of the gay marriage debate, the report also says Republicans need to be more tolerant of gays if it is to have any chance among younger voters.

Allyson Werner of PolicyMic is a bit more stern in her review -

Rather than casting blame onto marketing, imaging, and a general lack of familiarity, I would argue that the GOP’s recent lack of success is primarily attributed to a lack of unity and divisions within the conservative party. The most prominent example of such disunity is the widely known Tea Party movement. To put it simply, Tea Party members unite around extreme fiscal conservatism and strong anti-government sentiments, believing the federal government has overstepped its constitutional powers. The increasing relevance of the Tea Party has effectively divided the Republican Party in two, the right and the far right.

Neil King, Jr. of WSJ reveals some unflattering data shared by the report -

In focus groups, voters who said they had left the Republican Party described the GOP as “scary,” “narrow minded,” “out of touch,” and as the party of “stuffy, old men.”

Unless something changes, the report says, “it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future.”

In an article that was sure to raise eyebrows within conservative circles, NBC’s Michael O’Brien wrote -

The Republican National Committee released an audacious set of recommendations on Monday aimed at revitalizing the party following the drubbing suffered by GOP candidates last November, calling for sweeping changes to the party’s infrastructure, outreach and nominating process to contend for the White House in 2016.

And lastly, a few tweets regarding the report -







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  1. March 18, 2013  8:31 pm by juandos Reply

    Is there any difference between the GOP and the Democrats substance wise?

    Apparently not if what Reince Priebus is doing is considered laudable...

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