Map of Doctor Who Alien Invasions

The people over at Londonist have created a color coded map of all the different places aliens have tried to invade Earth in the Doctor Who universe.

Explore the interactive Doctor Who map here.

They’ve colour coded all the different invasions and given episode references, too!

Blue blobs represent the 1960s (plain for William Hartnell, dotted for Patrick Troughton)
Green ones represent the 1970s (plain for Jon Pertwee, dotted for Tom Baker)
Yellow ones represent the 1980s (plain for Peter Davison, dotted for Colin Baker, pins for Sylvester McCoy)
Red ones represent the contemporary series (plain for Christopher Eccleston, dotted for David Tennant and pins for Matt Smith)
In addition, the purple blobs relate to spin offs, while orange envelopes are other bits of Who-related information taken from the so-called real world.


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