Fox’s ’24′ Is Coming Back For Another Season

Jack Bauer isn’t dead yet, and neither is 24! Reports have just come today from Fox that the show will be renewed for another year (or, technically, another day, as fans will point out that the show is based around the events that occur within the span of only 24 hours). And yes, Kiefer Sutherland himself will be starring in his old role of Jack Bauer, so there’s no need to worry about any sort of Jedi mind tricks this time.

According to Fox’s entertainment chief Kevin Reilly:

The 12-hour version will keep the real-time nature of the original series, skipping some hours in the 24-hour period it covers. That would actually benefit the show, Reilly said, noting that 24 producers always felt that the spine of each season of 24 were 12 episodes containing major events, with the other 12 providing connective tissue. “Now we’ll get the best part,” Reilly said. While Fox envisions its limited series as stand-alone, one-time events, some, including 24, could become franchises with multiple installments though it is unlikely to have a new 24 every year.

Woah, a TV show that intentionally has the boring episodes cut out? Count us in, Fox! We’ll be eagerly counting down until the start of the show based on a countdown.

By the way, Kiefer has a twin sister in real life. Let’s hope she somehow makes it into the next season.

Or maybe not.


  1. May 14, 2013  11:01 pm by Ana Reply

    Thank God !!! finally something worth watching. I still watch the reruns on Netflix . I hope Chloe is coming also!!

  2. May 14, 2013  11:03 pm by Ana Reply

    Haliluja Jack Is Back.

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