Broadcast Nets Announce Axed TV Shows

In anticipation of broadcast nets’ upfronts this week (the sales event where networks can sell as much as 80% of their ad space for the upcoming season), cancellation and renewal announcements are rolling in.

NBC's short-lived drama 'Smash'. Source: NBC

NBC’s short-lived drama ‘Smash’. Source: NBC

Some not so surprising cancellations include NBC’s Smash after a seriously under-performing season two without the help of NBC’s ratings juggernaut The Voice as a lead-in. NBC’s freshman sitcoms didn’t fare so well either with four of them getting the ax:

Guys with Kids — Or an SNL skit about how crazy it would be if men participated in raising children for an entire painful season.

1600 Penn — This show had its moments. Pretty funny moments. But it took it a while to really catch its stride and ultimately it was too late to grab an audience. Maybe it was because creator and star Josh Gad was just too imposing, or maybe it was because not one person in America who watched it, believed this could ever be a real First Family.

Go On — You’d think networks would have learned by now that despite starring in the beloved network sitcom Friends, Matthew Perry cannot carry a series (for further proof see: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or Mr. Sunshine)

The New Normal — Star Andrew Rannells joined his original Book of Mormon castmate, the previously mentioned Gad, as a failed jumper from the Broadway stage directly to leading a new sit-com. But unlike Gad, Rannells was on a terrible show. The New Normal seemed like an ill-fated attempt at capitalizing on ABC’s “modern” approach to the family sitcom that wasn’t original or authentic (or like we said… funny).

Additionally, sophomore sitcom Whitney was (finally) cancelled, much to the relief of anyone who cares about comedy.

The cast of ABC's 'Happy Endings'. Source: ABC

The cast of ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’. Source: ABC

ABC’s cult comedy darling Happy Endings aired its final episodes last week after being banished to the Friday time-slot of doom, but rumor has it that USA might be interested in picking up the show as they pursue original comedies to pair with their recent acquisition Modern Family.

See the complete list of recent cancellation announcements below, which shows will you miss the most?

ABC: How to Live with Your Parents, Body of Proof, Red Widow, Malibu Country, Family Tools, Happy Endings

CBS: Vegas, Rules of Engagement, CSI: NY

FOX: Touch

NBC: Deception, Guys with Kids, Smash, Whitney, 1600 Penn, Go On, The New Normal

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  1. May 13, 2013  3:54 pm by Finrod Reply

    I'm glad to say that the only shows I've watched on ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox for the last 20 years now have been sports and The Simpsons.

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