NBC Jumps on Vampire Train… With a Twist

Admit it… vampires have been done to death. If we at Viral Read had to guess as to why this is so, we’d blame Twilight.

And we’re not alone.

But never fear, NBC is here! Sensing that Americans are not quite done with Count Dracula and all his offspring/poseurs/wannabes, the television network has announced a new series focusing on history’s most famous bloodsucker called, aptly, Dracula. It stars The Tudors‘ Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

You may all breathe easy now…

Wait, what? What’s that?

Dracula is a good guy? A victim of a curse by an ancient order called The Order of the Dragon? And, no… no, you’re joking! He’s TEAMING UP with his ancient nemesis Van Helsing to fight this order? WHAT?!

In related news, Bram Stoker‘s corpse exploded out of its burial place earlier today…

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