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Arlene Castro, Daughter of Cleveland Kidnap Monster, Was Best Friends With 'House of Horrors' Victim Gina DeJesus

In one of the most bizarre twists of the Cleveland “house of horrors” story, the daughter of accused rapist Ariel Castro was best friends with Gina DeJesus, and may have been the last person to see the victim before the girl was kidnapped in 2004 at age 14. Even while police and the FBI searched for DeJesus — who prosecutors now say was one of three women kept captive and […]

Is Rand Paul the Republican Future?

Republicans need a 2016 presidential candidate who can appeal to voters “across the right-left paradigm,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday, neither confirming nor denying that he is planning a bid for the White House. “Someone like myself could appeal to young people, moderates and independents,” Paul told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” Paul placed first in the presidential preference straw poll at the 40th Conservative Political Action Conference […]

Is Manti Te'o Gay? NFL Teams Want to Know

After a highly publicized fake girlfriend hoax that exploded in January, NFL teams are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the sexuality of former Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman Trophy runner up Manti Te’o. However, the most current controversy isn’t over a fake girlfriend or a real girlfriend. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, NFL teams are still wondering if Te’o is indeed gay and they want […]

Texans Come to the Rescue of Gay Couple in Hidden Camera Show

ABC’s controversial news show What Would You Do? serves up a giant helping of Texas hospitality when actors portraying gay parents to two young kids are treated poorly by their waitress at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch, TX. Locals (unexpectedly according to the show’s premise) come to their defense in a show of true humanity and kindheartedness. Be sure to watch to the end of the segment, when the producers […]