Adam Carolla Trashes HuffPost for Calling Him Racist (AUDIO)

Comedian Adam Carolla savaged the Huffington Post for calling him a racist, shooting back that the organization is full of cowards and accusing it of perpetuating the problem of “black-on-black” and “brown-on-brown” crime.  Carolla said the website and those who cover for politicians like California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom “all have blood on your hands.”

Listen to Adam blister HuffPost here. (NSFW)

The rant stemmed from an earlier interview with Newsom, in which Carolla questioned Newsom for singling out the Black and Latino communities in California, and questioned whether Newsom thought they were somehow inferior because they couldn’t have bank accounts or savings accounts. Newsom was trying to grandstand on the issue and was obviously used to the media not questioning his politically correct nonsense, but Carolla wouldn’t let him off easy.

“What’s wrong with them?” asked Carolla. “I want to know why those two groups don’t have access. Are they flawed?”

When Newsome tried to weasel out of the conversation by saying he didn’t want to have a sociological debate, Carolla called him out.

“Sure…why would you want to do that? Because the person from the Times wouldn’t write good things about you if you did.”

Listen to the relevant portions of the interview here.

Carolla is making a name for himself as a voice brutal honesty. He claims that because he no longer works for a media conglomerate, he doesn’t have to worry about a boss censoring his content. He runs his own daily podcast, owns his studio, his content, has a highly successful live performance career and has written several best-selling books.

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