Prosecutors Withdraw Plea Deal for Accused Lesbian Sex Offender

A plea bargain offered to accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt has been withdrawn after Florida prosecutors say the teenage lesbian violated a judge’s order not to have contact with her underage victim. WPEC-TV reported that Hunt could be arrested today, and that the 19-year-old former cheerleader’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith may also face charges in connection with the case.

Hunt was a senior at Sebastian River High School when she was arrested in February on charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old freshman girl who was a basketball teammate. Hunt was charged with two felonies; the age of consent in Florida is 16. Last week, state attorney Bruce Colton‘s office filed a complaint that Hunt, who has been free on $5,000 bond awaiting trial, violated the no-contact order that was a condition of her pretrial release.

Prosecutors say Kaitlyn Hunt, 19, violated bond by continuing ‘intimate contact’ with victim.

According to a stunning 4-page petition Colton’s office filed with Circuit Court Judge Robert Pegg, Hunt sent more than 20,000 text messages to the younger girl after the no-contact order was issued, and also sent the victim “lewd” photos and an explicit video of herself  “masturbating by rubbing her vagina with her fingers while moaning.” Hunt also arranged secret meetings for “intimate contact” with the younger girl, now 15, prosecutors allege, and say that these violations of the no-contact order continued as recently as two weeks ago. In addition, the prosecution petition quoted messages from both Hunt and her mother urging the victim to conceal their ongoing communication.


A hearing on the prosecutor’s complaint has been scheduled for Tuesday, but Scott T. Smith of Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC-TV reported Monday “Hunt faces being returned to jail as soon as today, and her mom may also face charges.” A plea bargain offered to Hunt last month has now been withdrawn, ABC affiliate WPBF-TV reports:

The state recently offered Hunt a second plea deal that would have kept her out of jail and not required her to register as a sex offender.
But that was before the new information came to light, and prosecutors pulled the offer Monday morning.

Violating the no-contact order could mean that not only will Hunt have to wait in jail until her case goes to trial, but she and her mother could also face charges of contempt of court and obstruction of justice.

Teenage lesbian Kaitlyn Hunt was a popular cheerleader in Florida.

Teenage lesbian Kaitlyn Hunt was a popular cheerleader in Florida.

The Palm Beach Post reports that “with no plea deal being offered Hunt is facing felony charges, jail time, and could become a registered sex offender if convicted. A judge could order her arrest at any moment, but attorneys say it is highly unlikely she would be arrested before her hearing Tuesday afternoon.”

The Hunt case gained nationwide media attention in May, when Hunt rejected the first plea bargain offered by prosecutors. More than 300,000 people signed an online petition urging that the charges against her be dropped, after her parents claimed that Hunt was the victim of anti-gay discrimination. In a Facebook post, Hunt’s mother defended Kaitlyn’s involvement with a 14-year-old, saying the girls were “experimenting with their sexuality … They are teens, it’s healthy and normal.” In that May 17 Facebook post, Kaitlyn Hunt’s mother named the parents of the younger girl nine times, denouncing them as “bigoted, religious [zealots] … full of hate and bigotry” for opposing their daughter’s involvement with Kaitlyn, who was then 18.

Accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt is comforted by her father at a May press conference.

Accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt is comforted by her father at a May press conference.

According to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office affidavit in the case, Hunt began having sex with the victim in December: “The first time occurred in the bathroom of the W wing at Sebastian High School. [The 14-year-old] stated that they sent text messages to each other to meet in the bathroom. [The 14-year-old] and Kaitlyn went into a bathroom stall and started kissing. Kaitlyn then took [the 14-year-old’s] pants off and put her finger inside of [the 14-year-old’s] vagina.” According to the affidavit by Detective Jeremy Shepherd, on Jan. 4, the 14-year-old ran away and spent the night at Hunt’s house, where the two teens “put their fingers inside of each other’s vaginas, put their mouths on each other’s vaginas, and both of them used a vibrator on each other to insert it in each other’s vaginas.”



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