Game of Thrones’ Robb Stark + Dr. Who’s Clara = Nerds’ Head Exploding

The Season 3 premiere of the beloved show Game of Thrones airs March 31st. That’s ELEVEN days. The trailer was released yesterday - check it out below:

On top of that, Doctor Who’s back. In TEN days. And with a NEW companion! Clara.

Here’s the most recent trailer for Dr. Who, season eight:

Alright nerds, are you ready for your heads to explode? Robb Stark and Clara sitting in a tree…

Yes, that’s right, stars from Game of Thrones and Dr. Who, Richard Madden and Jenna-Louise Coleman have been dating since 2011. This is all the more exciting when we get to see two of the main characters in two of the nerdiest TV shows on air today walking the red carpet together.

They were seen at Game of Thrones season three premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

Click Here to see more photos from the premier!


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