10 Cool Facts About “Princess Bride”…

At a recent screening of The Princess Bride at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, director Rob Reiner and colleague Jason Reitman had a discussion as the movie played behind them.

Sounds like a terrible idea? Usually we’d agree.

However, during this particular interview Reiner revealed 10 facts about the 80s fairy-tale classic that Viral Read thinks are pretty awesome. Thanks to EW, we now bring them to you:

1) Peter Falk (aka Columbo to our older readers) thought he was too young to play the grandfather.

2) The composer of the film would only do it if Reiner included a nod to This Is Spinal Tap somewhere in the film. He did.

3) “As you wish” is code for “I love you.” But is it really…?


4) One of John Gotti‘s henchmen told Reiner he’s a huge fan of the movie.

"Yeah I like The Princess Bride... you got a problem with that?"

“Yeah I like The Princess Bride… you got a problem with that?”

5) They actually set Robin Wright on fire. On her first day on-set.

6) Wallace Shawn-an Irishman- plays a Sicilian (when death is on the line…), and Mandy Patinkin- a Jew- plays a Spaniard (you killed my father, prepare to die).

7) Andre The Giant was too weak to perform many of his stunts. Go figure.

8) The crew had to bail a stuntman out of jail for arson so he could play one of the Rodents of Unusual Size.

9) One of Robin Wright’s stunt-people was a man.

10) A different ending was scripted and filmed, but Reiner scrapped it. Sounds like he made the right decision.

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