Big Brother Gets Racist; CBS Yawns and Counts their Money


Watch what you say-Big Brother is watching.


When Paula Deen‘s sponsors wanted to make clear that they didn’t condone her 30-year-old use of a racist term, they ended their relationships with her. But when CBS wants to make clear they don’t condone such behavior? They issue a statement and get the cameras rolling.

Now, bad behavior on reality shows has become a stock in trade-after all, who wants to watch the Kardashians have a good old drama-free family dinner each week? (better question: who wants to watch the Kardashians? End of question). But one has to wonder about the unevenness of responses to such behavior: Paula Deen is shunned from society as Alec Baldwin gets more interviews and a slew of famous-for-nothing wannabes prepare for their close-up.

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  1. July 6, 2013  2:28 am by beautysalesqueen Reply

    I agree that what happened to Paula Deen was horrible, and completely wrong to hold someone accountable for having said something over two decades ago. However, with Big Brother, they can not bring in new contestants to continue the season. I back the companies that have fired the contestants from their real life jobs.

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