‘Beat Her Ass!’ Beach Fight Video Purports to Show Kaitlyn Hunt

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition supporting accused sex offender Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt, 18, who last week rejected a plea bargain in a Florida case that has attracted nationwide media attention. The arrest affidavit says Hunt admitted to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office detective in February that she had sex at least twice with a 14-year-old girl — the first time in a toilet stall at Sebastian High School — which is enough to convict her of lewd and lascivious conduct, a felony under Florida law.

Supporters of the “Free Kate” movement say Hunt is a victim of homophobia who “made a mistake.” Her lawyer Julia Graves says Hunt is a “model citizen,” but video surfaced over the weekend that would appear to contradict that claim.

“Beat her f-king ass, Emily! Beat her ass! Get that bitch!” the girl reported to be Kaitlyn Hunt shouts in the video showing two girls fighting on the beach. Watch:

The video, which Viral Read staff were able to convert to YouTube format, was first posted Saturday at a Tumblr site by a teenager who says he is a Sebastian High classmate. The anonymous teen said “that the way the media is portraying [Hunt] is far from reality. … she is not a good person and is not ‘innocent’. She … constantly starts high school drama, gets in school suspensions, and is overall not well liked at all.” As proof that the girl yelling on the video is actually Hunt, the anonymous poster referred to the arrest record which describes her as having three tattoos, including a bird on her right shoulder. The tattoo appears briefly in the video at the 14-second mark:


Hunt was reportedly kicked off the Sebastian High basketball team after the coach learned of her sexual involvement with the 14-year-old freshman teammate. Hunt’s case has sparked fierce controversy in social media where supporters created the #FreeKate Twitter hashtag, only to see it taken over by critics who say the case is being exploited by activists who want to decriminalize pedophilia.

Supporters of Hunt had originally garnered support by misrepresenting the ages of the two girls as well as other key facts of the case. They claimed the younger girl was 15 and that Hunt was 17, that it was merely a “high school romance” and said the younger girl’s parents waited until after Hunt turned 18 to press charges. Then the sheriff’s department arrest affidavit was posted, making clear that Hunt turned 18 before she ever met the 14-year-old, and detailing the nature of the sexual offenses, including the fact that “the first time” occurred in a school toilet stall. Those revelations led at least one lesbian blogger to repudiate her support for Hunt.

“The truth is this is not a case of homophobia; it’s a case of a family trying to protect their daughter by using the gay angle of this case to rally sympathy and support from the gay community,” T.J. Askren wrote May 22 at her Red Treehouse blog. “Kaitlyn Hunt is not a lesbian hero. She is not a gay martyr. … Getting in trouble for finger f*cking your underage girlfriend in the school bathroom is not a noble cause.”

Joan McCarter, a staff writer at the popular progressive site Daily Kos, also retracted her support for the “Free Kate” campaign. At the Media Research Center‘s Newsbusters site, Matthew Philbin accused gay activists of trying to make homosexuality a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for sex offenders.

The 14-year-old’s parents, Jim and Laurie Smith, went public Thursday, giving an interview to a local CBS affiliate station. They said they only reported Hunt to police after twice asking her to leave their daughter alone, and after a Jan. 14 incident that was described by  Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar:

The victim even ran away from home at one point, and Kate admits she picked up the victim and kept her at her Sebastian home, while her parents searched for their daughter.
“Miss Hunt actually picked the victim up and took her back to her house, I think that may influence or aggravate the case.” Loar said. …
[Prosecutor Bruce Colton said:] “We still can’t turn our backs on the fact there was a crime committed here and it’s a very serious crime here.”

On Friday, Hunt rejected the offer of a plea deal that would have kept her out of prison. A trial is scheduled June 20, although local sources say that a crowded docket means that the case will likely be pushed back at least until July.


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  7. May 31, 2013  4:25 pm by MySpielMan54 Reply

    If they're both still in school - the 18 year old law shouldn't apply in my opinion.. once graduated.. then with parental permission I guess.

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  10. June 2, 2013  9:52 pm by Tom Reply

    If 18 year old high school boys are sent to jail for sleeping with 14 or 15 year old girls, then this case should be no different.

  11. June 4, 2013  12:27 pm by Nikki Reply

    I don't agree with lesbian and gay relationships but at the same time I feel this case is wrong. I can understand if Kaitlyn forced the younger girl into this type of affair. It was mutual with no rape involved. Maybe they should charge the younger girl's parents as well for waiting and not reporting it earlier. Why was their daughter running away from home to begin with?

    • June 6, 2013  1:50 pm by n.W.o. Reply

      a child cannot consent by law ,

    • June 7, 2013  1:07 pm by dredmon Reply

      What? The entire purpose of this law is that those 12-16 cannot consent. Would you think it was okay if instead of being 14 and 18, the parties were 16 and 20 (regardless of sexual orientation)? Either way, it is against the law. If someone steals a banana from a store because they are hungry, they still broke the law.

  12. June 5, 2013  3:30 pm by john Reply

    So where did this video show which girl was yelling, let alone the one with a bird tat on her right shoulder? Could it be her? Sure. Could the yelling have been any number of girls who present? Sure. Could it have been one of the 1000's of girls with birds tat'd on their shoulder? Sure. Yes if she did a crime, she should do a crime just like a boy would. That said, the law needs to reflect the difference between poor sexual choices and predators. Also, I would say the state/school needs to keep this from happening by having 2 campuses and not allowing freshmen to be in locker rooms or on varsity teams with legal adults. After all it's their job to "protect" their students from others and themselves while on campus.

  13. June 6, 2013  11:05 am by hutch1200 Reply

    she is not a good person and is not ‘innocent’ ", "“Beat her f–king ass, Emily! Beat her ass! Get that bitch!” the girl reported to be Kaitlyn Hunt shouts in the video showing two girls fighting on the beach.
    I'd still hit it!

  14. June 6, 2013  5:35 pm by Paul Russel Porter Reply

    Read John 3;16

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  16. June 11, 2013  6:47 pm by Dion Evans Reply

    We are talking about this case on DION EVANS LIVE: Truth, Raw & Uncut at 5pm Pacific | June 11th | LISTEN: http://t.co/MMBg7qTy

    SEGMENT 3 | SEX | EQUAL PROSECUTION: 18y Old Lesbian Arrested for "Consentual Sex" w/ 14y Old Female Teammate
    ...And Once U DIG IN!!!!! | LIVE COMMENTS: 1-510-251-1274

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  18. June 13, 2013  3:41 pm by Deucalion Reply

    This case just proves to me the hypocrisy of society. Never seen a petition with 300k signatures to free a young man who made the same mistake. I say Kate should suffer the fully penalty on this one, because it's only fair.

  19. June 13, 2013  5:21 pm by greg Reply

    I'm a feminist, and Kaitlyn should be held accountable as a male in this position.

    • July 23, 2013  2:14 pm by Fran Gershwing Reply

      Male or female, this is not important because their relationship was consensual, otherwise it'd be impossible for it to last for many months and/or her gf would have reported her at their school.
      They were discovering their sexuality and had a relationship, and that's what anyone else does at some point in their lives, right?
      The whole problem is that they may have done "inappropriate" things to some extent in their "discovery", but because they are very young and under the guard of their parents this should be solved by their families, not by the police.
      The fair outcome of this case is if it is dismissed and the fact that it was a lesbian affair is not important: if it was an hetero couple it should be dismissed by the same reasons (assuming no violence, rape, etc. involved)

      • July 24, 2013  2:37 pm by Rich D Reply

        By law, a 14-yr old CANNOT consent.

  20. June 17, 2013  10:52 pm by Jean Valjean Reply

    If this were a male who was having sex with a 14 year old female then I don't think there would be any confusion about whether it was a crime.

    I'm not saying that an 18 year old male should be charged with anything for being with a 14 year old girl. That's just stupid. But that's not what this case is about with Kaitlyn.

    This is a person who is manipulating people to get herself out of trouble and as always people are willing to give her a pussy pass because she's female.

    She should be punished the same as any man who did the same thing. That's equality.

    If you don't like that then instead of making excuses or pointing to scapegoats people should work towards changing the laws.

    Two hundred years ago the scarlet letter branded an adulterer for life. Today we have the sexual predator list. A list that primarily focuses on males even though many women commit the same crimes. It was wrong 200 years ago and it is wrong today. The fact that it isn't enforced against both genders equally makes it even more wrong.

    The tragedy here is that many of you don't see it that way and there-in lies the real bigotry.

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  22. July 22, 2013  6:16 pm by Beth Reply

    No innocent girl here. I have plenty of pics and videos to prove it. She and her sister are the town bullies.

  23. October 12, 2013  11:15 am by KK Reply

    Looks like youtube removed this one...I suppose because Kaitlyn did not consent to having it posted. The gay community should run, not walk, away from this situation.

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