5 Grandmotherly Curtains You Might Mistake for Kim Kardashian’s Met Ball Dress

Kim Kardashian showed up to the Met Ball on Kanye‘s arm dressed in what seems to be her grandmother’s curtains. The pregnant 32-year-old also sported matching gloves and heels on the New York red carpet. She wasn’t too shy about showing the cameras a little leg, either!

Before showing you the dress, we decided to put together a list of 5 curtains you might have mistaken for Kim’s fashion fiasco:

5) Rose Jacquard Fabric Multi-Colored Print Rustic Curtain

(via Ali Express)

4) Laura’s Garden Layered Scalloped Floral & Stripe Valance

(via Country Curtains)

3) Vintage Barkcloth Era Curtains Rayon Fabric Pink Roses Chic

(via eBay)

2) Country Rose Tailored Tears

(via Window Toppers)

1) 2013 High-End Hot American Style Flower Rustic Curtain Print Shalian Super Romantic Rose Pattern

(via Ali Express)

Now, after seeing those, what do you think of the dress?

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