President Obama to Name New Acting IRS Chief This Week

According to a senior administration official, President Obama will appoint a new acting commissioner to head the Internal Revenue Service later this week. This will come just a few days after the president instructed Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to seek the resignation of acting commissioner Steven Miller amid a massive national scandal.

The most likely candidate for the position, if the president chooses to promote from within the ranks of the IRS, is Chief Counsel William Wilkins. So far, he is the highest-ranking official who hasn’t been personally connected to the Tea Party targeting regimen.

Once the new commissioner is in place, he will have a long laundry list of politically tricky tasks- chief among them cleaning up the debris from the scandal. It’s now become clear that investigations into the scandal aren’t going to be short-lived, with three congressional hearings set to take place in the next week alone.

“There’s going to be a complete and thorough investigation of this in Congress—not only who above may have known about it, but what the rank-and-file believed was their mission,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell at a press conference Thursday with tea-party groups.

The President is set to address the IRS issue in a White House press conference this afternoon, facing Republican charges that agency developments represent broader issues deep within the administration.

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