5 Reasons Why Living in China Sucks

Other than living under a commie dictatorship that involves a somewhat-controlled economy, the Chinese use also very different rules for construction. For example, they don’t always wait until someone has vacated the premises before starting a project. No biggie.

The Daily Mail has some examples of other oddities:

Demolition Around a Parked Car


You park your car and then go on vacation…only to come back and find your car in this position.

Building a Road Around Your House


A road is going to be built right through where your house is, but you don’t want to leave – so they build the road around your house.

Building Houses on Top of Buildings


Due to overpopulation in some cities, people are building houses on top of buildings.

Forgetting to Add a Parking Garage


A picture speaks 1,000 words.

Phallic Buildings


Nuff said.

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