Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Listed Twice on Special Election Ballot


Democratic congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert-Busch‘s name will appear twice on the ballot for today’s election in South Carolina’s first district. She has been nominated by both the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party.

“She’s been nominated by both parties,” explains Chris Whitmire, a public information director at the South Carolina State Election Commission.”There’s no prohibition in South Carolina against that.”

Regardless of which Colbert-Busch button a voter clicks, all votes cast with her name on them will technically be for her. However, they will be counted separately when they are tallied tonight.


  1. May 7, 2013  1:34 pm by Anne Reply

    Mark Sanford should be ashamed to even run for office in the state he misused funds and lied to his constituents. Do the people of SC really want his south american whore as first lady? He is a hypocrite that wanted Clinton impaled on a stick and toted his family values. He should take that walk on the appalachian trail on as a virginian I wouldn't want the stench in my state.

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  3. May 7, 2013  3:17 pm by Jerry Martin Reply

    well Anne, you gave Mark an F for his using funds personally. now for the good. how did he do as a Congressman for S.? fiscally rated #1 in the congress during his tenure. how did he do as Governor? ah he only got us many new business's and also got us a Company named Boeing that employs thousands and thousands of jobs. now how about Ms. Bush who is backed by the same unions who tried to shut down Boeing before they opened? is that what you want a unionized state? we are a right to work state and that is why so many business's are moving here. yet you want to undo all this with your nominee who also wants Obama Care? the country is being destroyed by that program and will create riots in the streets. this is what you want? and by the way, your response sounds like you are a very bitter person but you evidently have forgiven Bill Clinton.

  4. May 8, 2013  1:04 pm by Anne Reply

    I am sure when he leaves the country on tax payer dollars all will be forgiven. It is okay to commit adultery if you are a republican because Jesus will forgive them, but if you are a democrat you can't commit adultery. A double standard. I am sure Mr. Sanford is against gay marriage because it isn't God's plan, which is for one man to be married to one woman for life. Oh wait, he can't even follow his own rules. I was in a right to work state, the economy sucked, the pay was lousy and people had the right to work and be fired for no reason. SC is 48th in education, you are a product of that. I trust Mr. Sanford to vote however his financial backers tell him too. I can imagine how his wife must feel like a slap in the face, where his behavior is condoned. The republicans like to all woman sluts, what is he?

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