The 55th Grammys Live-Blog

Welcome to ViralRead’s 2013 live-blog of the Grammys. The night is sure to be filled with lots of surprises so make sure to stay here at ViralRead to get the latest breaking stories of the evening. Jennifer and Jeff will be leading us through the night’s highs, lows, and all the controversy that comes along with it. Coverage begins at 8 PM EST – tune in for all of this year’s action.

Ali A. Akbar February 10, 201311:25 pm

LL Cool J closing out the show.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201311:25 pm

Chuck D, Tom Morello, Travis Barker jamming with LL Cool J.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201311:22 pm

Coming up: the Ladies Love Cool James!

Ali A. Akbar February 10, 201311:18 pm

Brit on Brit love.

Ali A. Akbar February 10, 201311:17 pm

Mumford & Sons, “Babel” wins Album of the Year.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201311:17 pm

Album of the year presented by Adele to MUMFORD AND SONS!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201311:13 pm

Frank Ocean Forrest Gump complete with video fx footage. And a LOT of pitch problems.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:58 pm

Elton John dedicates tribute to Sandy Hook victims. Sings Take A Load off Annie w Zac Brown, Mumford and more.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:57 pm

In Memoriam tribute. Lots of big losses this year. Adam Yauch. #tear

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:49 pm

Brubeck tribute opens with “Take Five”.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:44 pm

JT returns, Elton John, too. Oh, and it looks like Album of the Year is up also.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:43 pm

Very. Classy. Gotye.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:41 pm

Somebody That I Used to Know

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:41 pm

WOW. Gotye with the win!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:40 pm

Dressed in dark sunglasses, black leather jacket that looks like some kind of armor…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:40 pm


Becca Lower February 10, 201310:40 pm


Becca Lower February 10, 201310:40 pm

Time for the top award of the night, Record of the Year.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:39 pm

Monarch butterfly… now a bunch of them… and they fly up the screen behind her.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:37 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:37 pm

Ball-gown FX!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:37 pm

Fluorescent curliques are now appearing on her dress. Now sparkles…

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:35 pm

Carrie’s in a gorgeous, snowy-grey gown.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:35 pm

Dammit! Which one of you kids wrote all over the piano!?

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:35 pm

But he was just introducing Carrie Underwood.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:34 pm

Sorry you just lost New Artist. Now go knock em dead kid!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:34 pm

Hunter Hayes, singing at the piano

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:32 pm

Funham! that is an award-winning power-couple!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:30 pm

Oh, right… Audience shot of Dunham as Fun. accepted their award. I recognized the tattoos on the arms from the Golden Globes.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:28 pm

Lena Dunham is getting a lot of coverage!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:27 pm

Fun. wins!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:27 pm

Katie Perry’s shirt is almost non-existent.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:26 pm

Can’t hear a word Katy Perry is saying. I only see…um…

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:26 pm

Katie Perry presenting Best New Artist award

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:26 pm

Theeeeeeere we go! that was cool.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:25 pm

A blistering, rock ‘n roll medley from Jack and the band!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:24 pm

Naw – he needed to find a drummer who could keep time.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:23 pm

The drummer ain’t Meg White.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:23 pm

Awesomest backing band ever. Jack White.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:22 pm

He’s wearing a black, very Nashville suit, with white sequined flowers on it.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:21 pm

My wife: “Aren’t lumineers fake teeth?”

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:21 pm

They introduce Jack White.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:19 pm

Oh… it’s spelled Lumineers. They’re singing “Hey Ho”

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:18 pm

Now I know who the young guy was that they keep showing audience shots of… One of the country album nominees, Hunter Hayes, is on a Pepsi ad.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:16 pm

And they’re playing the commercial with the Luminaries song on it.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:15 pm

Coming up… The Luminaries, Jack White, Carrie Underwood

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:13 pm

John Mayer is wearing Gene Wilder’s original Willy Wonka jacket he bought at auction.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:11 pm


Becca Lower February 10, 201310:11 pm

Rihanna is wearing a gold and white striped tank top, and a long, matching skirt.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:11 pm

“Could You Be Loved”

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:10 pm

Rihanna and Ziggy Marley join them.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:09 pm

LOVE this. Sting.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:09 pm

They’re playing “Walking on the Moon” now.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:08 pm

Sting’s in a grey and black suit

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:07 pm


Becca Lower February 10, 201310:06 pm

Bruno Mars starts the tribute.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:06 pm

Aw yeah! Lets go mon!

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:04 pm

Another tease about the Bob Marley tribute.

Becca Lower February 10, 201310:00 pm

Herbal Essences commercial plays on jokes about the Mile High Club.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 201310:00 pm

Coming up: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift compare “What I look for in a boyfriend” notes.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:59 pm

Winner: “Uncaged”- Zac Brown Band

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:58 pm

Best Country Album up next. Zac Brown band, Hunter Hayes, Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Time Jumpers

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:57 pm

Oh, Jeff….

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:57 pm

Hands down my fav thing tonight. Girl can SANG!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:56 pm

“You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)” -King, “Tennessee Waltz” -Page

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:56 pm

Becca – you make ME feel like a natural woman.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:55 pm

Ah oop!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:55 pm

And doing it better than anyone has done anything else tonight.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:54 pm

Kelly Clarkson now performing the tribute to Carole King and Patti Page.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:53 pm

Well that was…kinda rock n roll.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:53 pm

Standing ovation includes Doogie Howser and Dave Grohl.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:52 pm

Gratuitous shot of John Mayer pointing out to Katy Perry all of his ex girlfriends in the audience.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:52 pm

Audience shot of John Meyer: seems to be enjoying the performance.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:50 pm

Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing with the Black Keys

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:49 pm

CBS managed to make a Grammys commercial for “Two Broke Girls”, like they did for the Super Bowl.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:45 pm

Kelly Clarkson is coming up to perform and pay tribute to the two ladies.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:44 pm

Ravi Shankaar, Patti Page, Carole King all win Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:44 pm

Charlie Haden! Aw yeeeeeah!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:43 pm

Rap/Sung Collaboration: Jay-Z and some other people, including Frank Ocean: “No Church in the Wild”.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:42 pm

Skinny capris and THAT headband. Tomorrow. Me.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:42 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:41 pm

Jay Z must be respected!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:39 pm

The stage is almost all dark, just soft white spotlights a few places. Contrast.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:37 pm

One of the hashtags was Jack White. Not bad.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:37 pm

Another somber entry…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:36 pm

Hash tag get on with it.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:34 pm

Rihanna is up next.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:31 pm

She feels strongly about the fashion component of awards shows.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:31 pm

My wife again: “I was insulted by Kelly Clarkson’s dress”.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:30 pm

“Miguel, I don’t know who the hell you are…”?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:30 pm

Kelly Clarkson great attitude, baaaaaad dress.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:28 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:28 pm

Pink rules!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:27 pm

Audience shot of Miranda Lambert looking non-plussed.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:26 pm

Adam Levine singing this song is hilarious!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:25 pm

Ha, it’s the song from the Inaugural Ball, “This Girl is on Fire”.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:25 pm

Alicia Keys is so much cooler than Adam Levine.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:24 pm

She’s playing drums, a la Sheila E.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:24 pm

My wife just said of Adam Levine “His a**holish-ness takes away from his incredible hotness.”

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:24 pm

Alicia Keyes and Maroon 5 is the next act, though Alicia hasn’t appeared yet.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:22 pm

This SHOULD be awesome.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:22 pm

The two Black Keys guys who accepted were dressed like twins: black clothes and leather jackets.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:21 pm


Becca Lower February 10, 20139:21 pm

Bruce Springsteen has a song?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:21 pm

“Earlier in the day this guy and a bunch of other people got Grammys for stuff we didn’t think you’d all care about at Prime Time.”

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:19 pm

I’ll get crucified for it, but Dave Grohl was ALL the talent in Nirvana.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:13 pm

Maybe so, heehee

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:13 pm

Opposite of…um…Urban Classic?

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:13 pm

What in the world is that guy in Frank Ocean’s row wearing? A Tiger Woods tee-shirt?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:12 pm

Will Chris Brown beat his competition just like…

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:12 pm

What’s “Urban Contemporary” anyway?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:11 pm

I’ve wanted to write him off as boy band fodder for years, but he keeps producing. Kid’s just the goods.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:10 pm

I might be too old to appreciate him. Nothing Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder didn’t do, honestly.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:09 pm

I was gonna be snarky…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:08 pm

Know what – I wanna be snarky, but truthfully, JT is super effing talented.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:07 pm

Being Jay-Z could be awesome for awhile.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:07 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:07 pm

Black and white is so awesome on my HI-DEF 60″ COLOR ENHANCING PLASMA SCREEN!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:05 pm

“JT & the Tennessee Kids” Orchestra?

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:05 pm

Black and white

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:04 pm

Oh Justin!!!

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:04 pm

Beyonce is dressed down, wow.

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:03 pm

Okay, why is ARBYs selling a fish sandwich?

Becca Lower February 10, 20139:02 pm

Yes, they were!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20139:00 pm

Mumford and Sons was pretty awesome tho!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:59 pm

That Bob Marley tribute sounds good, though.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:59 pm

None of the artists mentioned on the tease sound like they’ll “rock”, sadly.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:58 pm

Yeah – very subdued so far. Come on music industry! Destroy some s**t! The most rock n roll moment of the evening was Johnny Depp mumbling for six and a half seconds!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:56 pm

This will likely be the most musical moment of the evening. Enjoy it while you can.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:55 pm

They could pull it off.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:55 pm

I’d kinda dig it if Mumford and Sons did a bluegrass cover of the theme from Sanford and Son.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:54 pm

That’s likely, Jeff.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:54 pm

Did Jay Z just have a scotch in his hand?

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:53 pm

Kelly Clarkson thanks God, a guy in Fun thanks Jay-Z…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:53 pm

I kinda love these dudes! Very nice boys…

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:53 pm

Dude is tall!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:52 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:52 pm

Song of the Year is… We Are Young. Now I’m DEFINITELY buying skinny capris!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:51 pm

Now, this should be interesting… how likely is it that anyone will beat Fun?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:50 pm

That’s how I ROLL Lower!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:49 pm


Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:49 pm

That MS commercial was the most entertaining thing on the Grammys so far tonight.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:49 pm

Would you pay hundreds of dollars for electronics, then throw it around the room like that, Jeff?

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:48 pm

She thanked her “amazing perfect husband”. I’d settle for “that guy who helps out with the kids and makes PB&J’s really quickly…

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:44 pm

Agreed. The show needed classing up.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:44 pm

Carrie Underwood is all class.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:41 pm

Did he just rhyme “taste your skin” with “see your grin”? Goodness…

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:39 pm

LL Cool J on “American Bandstand”… very cool.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:39 pm

Aw yeeeeah! Old skoooooool!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:33 pm

Saw Bonnie Raitt live in 2001 at Radio City. people forget what a truly awesome slide guitar player she is.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:32 pm

Now, why can’t Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer be performing together?

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:32 pm

Check you out!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:29 pm

Nice! My turn-around time on a PB&J sammy during the commercial was legendary!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:28 pm

Hahaha, no kidding.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:26 pm

Rain!?! Arrrrrgh! No! My ’63 Fender Jazzmaster!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:25 pm

Whoa, raining indoors!

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:25 pm

I can’t disagree there, Jeff. It was.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:24 pm

Skinny capris. I’m so pulling that off tomorrow!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:23 pm

Amen sister. But dang that Call Me Maybe was contagious…

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:22 pm

Well, at least Adele isn’t a fly-by-night singer like a Carly Rae Jesperson.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:21 pm

Best Pop Solo: Adele

Smells familiar!

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:18 pm

Really? Pitbull is still a thing? Time’s up.

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:12 pm

Elton John is 65. Good for you Sir Elton! Crushing it.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:11 pm

Elton’s rockin’ it on that piano…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:09 pm

But missed slightly on “Gotye”…

Jeff Gurner February 10, 20138:09 pm

How inspirational! How intimate! We gonna have some songs soon?

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:07 pm

LL Cool J pronounced Bruges correctly.

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:05 pm

You aren’t supposed to wear white on tv, are you?

Becca Lower February 10, 20138:03 pm

Alice in Wonderland meets Alice Cooper? Okaay.

Ali A. Akbar February 10, 20136:04 pm

We cannot wait!!!

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