Howard is a Rocket; SPOILER ALERT: Shaq and Kobe Don’t Like It

Dwight Howard is a Houston Rocket and former/current Lakers‘ superstars Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant surprisingly do not like the move. At all.

That was Shaq being asked about Howard’s decision while being interviewed at the Coke Zero 400. “It was expected. Not everyone can handle being under the bright lights…It was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston.”

Clear enough? Wait - it gets worse. Kobe’s pretty upset as well. The Black Mamba got bitter on Twitter, and went all unfollow on Dwight. Twitter breaking-up is hard to do, but you know the relationship is really over when you are, like, totally cut out of Heather’s Kobe’s Twitter inner-sanctum.

The Sporting News Reports that “…of the 818 people Bryant follows, Howard is not one of them. Bryant follows teammates Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and even Darius Morris…Bryant unfollowed Howard after his decision to join the Rockets.”

ViralRead can’t confirm it at this point, but we’re pretty sure that somewhere Metta World Peace was overheard saying “Ohmigod I like totally hate him now and I’m so never talking to him ever again. Like, ever. And we’re so totally cooler than they are anyway and he’s not even the prettiest one on the team!” Oh wait - yes we can confirm it. Kind of:





Man it’s gonna be fun when these teams meet up in the ’13-’14 season…

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