Top Saudi Cleric Says Twitter Will Damn Your Soul

Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh of Saudi Arabia is not a fan of Twitter. According to the BBC, Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, the head of Saudi Arabia’s religious police is warning Saudis against using social media sites, Twitter in particular. He’s gone as far to say that anyone using Twitter “has lost this world and his afterlife”.

His remarks reflects a growing fear by Saudi Arabian officials that political dissidents might use the US based microblogging site to speak out against Saudi policies. The fear may be warranted as Saudi Arabia has seen their Twitter usage grow exponentially. According to research by, active Twitter users have grown 56% from 2011 to 2012 and an additional 42% in 2012.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a Saudi businessman who considers himself a reformer believes that the government is wasting their time. “This is a losing battle. Waging war on the open media and freedom of thought is a losing battle. I advise the broadcasting authorities in Saudi Arabia and in all Arab countries not to engage in these losing battles”.


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