‘Almost Human’ Gets Picked Up by FOX

‘Almost Human’ a new futuristic police procedural from executive producers J.J. Abrams, J.H. Wyman, an Bryan Burk, was picked up by FOX for their fall 2013 schedule.

Almost Human 1
The show, set in 2048, stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as an LA cop and his android partner. Urban’s cop, John Kennex, is returning to duty after a two year coma and the loss of his leg and is notorious for his dislike for robots. Ealy’s character, Dorian, is an old model android who is programmed to have emotions, separating himself from his more robotic counterparts.

almost human 2
‘Almost Human’ should do well for FOX in their relatively manly schedule of new fall shows. Their comedies include Dads, a live-action Seth MacFarlane show that might not appeal to a lot of people, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a cop comedy staring Andy Samberg that shows goofy promise.

Take a look at the high-concept trailer for ‘Almost Human’:

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