Gay Couple Accused of Raping Adopted Boys

Two men in Connecticut are accused of repeatedly raping boys they adopted as a married gay couple.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” one of the boys said at a hearing Friday in Hartford Superior Court, testifying that the abuse began when he was only 6 years old. “Anyone who would do this to  a child is a sick, demented person.”

The New York Daily News reports that the two men, George Harasz, 49, and Douglas Wirth, 45, both of Glastonbury, Conn., had been expected to plead guilty to reduced charges at the hearing Friday, but instead rejected the deal offered by prosecutors:

Harasz and Wirth adopted nine children — three sets of male siblings — beginning in 2000, and ran a home-based dog breeding business called The  Puppy Guy.
The couple was arrested in November 2011 following a police and state investigation of sex-abuse allegations. The children were removed from the home. …
Supporters of Harasz and Wirth also spoke Friday in defense of the couple. One of their children, Carlos Harasz, said the accusers were lying and that the abuse suffered was under previous foster parents.
Carlos Harasz added that the state Department of Children and Families “took the word of an angry, damaged, disturbed boy and destroyed a family.”