Twitter Down! Twitter Down!

All hell broke loose when Twitter went down just over an hour ago. At the present time, Twitter does not know what caused the popular micro blogging service to crash. During the outage, we received reports of several people getting hundreds of emails instead of using Twitter, no doubt proving how crucial the service is to every day communication. Several people in the Twitterverse pointed out that once Twitter went live again, millions of people started tweeting about how the site was down and crashed it, again!

Did you survive the outage? Did you decide to start canning and storing food and ammunition for the impending Twittpocalypse? Shoot us your suggestions on how you made it through these tragic minutes in American history in the comment section.

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  1. June 21, 2012  7:22 pm by Susan (@Selmalee) Reply

    Yes! I started a quilt, and am canning some pickles. Oh well, I was already doing both of these things, but still!

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