#SC01 South Carolina Republican Runoff Results (LIVE-BLOG)

Polls close at 7 p.m. ET in today’s runoff vote for the Republican nomination in South Carolina’s 1st District special election. Former Gov. Mark Sanford and former Charleston County councilman Curtis Bostic are running to face Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in the May 7 election to fill the House seat vacated by the appointment of Tim Scott to the Senate.

The South Carolina State Election Commission page is here.

The ViralRead crew will be liveblogging the results and reaction from around the Web. Stay tuned …

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 201310:28 pm

The irrepressible Will Folks approves of the Luv Guv’s Latina inamorata:


Becca Lower April 2, 20139:48 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:43 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:38 pm


Becca Lower April 2, 20139:31 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:20 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:16 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:14 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:13 pm


Becca Lower April 2, 20139:12 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:11 pm

Sanford victory speech

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:09 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20139:06 pm

Short cellphone-recorded clip of Bostic concession speech (leading supporters in “God Bless America”) [VIDEO]:


Becca Lower April 2, 20139:00 pm

Mark Davenport
@Live5News - WCSC-TV (CBS)

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:58 pm

Bostic said in his concession speech, of Sanford:

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:55 pm
Becca Lower April 2, 20138:50 pm

Bostic: I want to be the first to congratulate Governor Sanford. https://twitter.com/SujataLive5/status/319248409770999809

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:49 pm
Alberto Pardo April 2, 20138:45 pm

ViralRead does not make predictions. However, a Bostic defeat is likely.

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:44 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:40 pm

ViralRead Editor in Chief Robert Stacy McCain is outside Bostic Headquarters with a crowd of Bostic supporters,, awaiting Curtis Bostic’s concession speech.

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:37 pm

Grace in defeat.

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:36 pm

Sanford………. 23,865 (56.45%)
Bostic…………..18,411 (43.55% )

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:34 pm

Sanford Wins; Up Next, Colbert-Busch: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/south-carolina-mark-sanford-jumps-to-early-lead-over-curtis-bostic-89570.html

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:31 pm

Mark Sanford with friends and family as election results are counted across the 1st Congressional District. http://t.co/dm7vL9gcVS

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:29 pm

#Breaking: Former Gov. Mark Sanford has won the Republican primary runoff in South Carolina’s 1st District, the AP reports


Becca Lower April 2, 20138:28 pm

Count on 2 News, Charleston, SC, is projecting Mark Sanford as the winner.


Becca Lower April 2, 20138:20 pm

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:18 pm

Sanford………… 55.19% 14,227
Bostic…………… 44.81% 11,552

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:17 pm

Beaufort Co. again throwing a wrench in the race!

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:16 pm

In #SC01, @AP says 56% of precincts reporting, Sanford maintains 9 pt lead over Bostic

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:13 pm

Election Commission:

Sanford …………. 54.29% 12,053
Bostic…………….. 45.71% 10,149

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:11 pm

So far, Bostic is actually doing better in Charleston Co. than in Berkeley Co. Sums up how well we can predict special elections.

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:05 pm

Law firm packed w/ @bostic4congress supporters. Curtis Bostic expected to arrive in 30 min.

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:03 pm

19 ptc of precincts reporting — Sanford up 58 pct to 42 pct over Bostic in #SC01

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20138:02 pm


SANFORD ……….. 9,053 (53%)
BOSTIC …………… 8,013 (47%)

Becca Lower April 2, 20138:00 pm

Bostic supporters eat and wait for results.

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:59 pm

Bostic supporters outside of South Carolina are looking to SC-01 to protect the image of the GOP.

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:57 pm

FYI: That last update included some of the first Dorchester results…

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:55 pm

SANFORD ……….. 4,003 (58%)
BOSTIC …………… 2,941 (42%)

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:53 pm

FYI: This is still just Charleston County.

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:52 pm

SANFORD ……….. 2,931 (56%)
BOSTIC …………… 2,290 (44%)

Becca Lower April 2, 20137:50 pm

According to the SC State Election Commission, 1,387 votes have been recorded so far.

Becca Lower April 2, 20137:47 pm

6 of 317 precincts reporting (2%)
Sanford 62%
Bostic 38%

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:47 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:41 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:38 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:38 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:31 pm

SANFORD ……….. 1,250 (62%)
BOSTIC …………… 771 (38%)

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:28 pm


SANFORD ……….. 652 (63%)
BOSTIC …………… 384 (37%)

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:15 pm

The word for this is “Heh”:

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:14 pm

Politico has their “5 Things to Watch” listicle:


Me? I figure the vote totals are the main thing to watch. Call me crazy …

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:01 pm

Robert Stacy McCain April 2, 20137:00 pm

Some interesting media news from us here at ViralRead:

Still waiting for an answer…


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  2. April 2, 2013  7:23 pm by thatmrgguy Reply

    So, does this mean We have to stay up 'til 3AM to get the results? And will there be a demand for a recount from the loser if the vote totals are close?