FDA Agent Jeff Novitsky to Investigate Biogenesis for Providing PEDs to Highschoolers

In yet another wrinkle in the Biogenesis scandal, which threatens to bring down Alex Rodreguiez among others, the feds are getting involved with their own investigation. FDA prosecutor, and Lance Armstrong’s arch-nemesis, Jeff Novitsky is seeking to talk with Biogenesis employees about giving prescription grade PEDs to high-schoolers.

From ESPN.com

The sudden interest from federal authorities was sparked by reports from “Outside the Lines” and the Herald last week, detailing Bosch’s relationship with high school baseball players. “OTL” reported that documents obtained from the clinic listed 10 high school athletes who, sources said, had received prescription drugs from the clinic for performance enhancement.

So what’s next — steroid testing at high schools? They can’t even keep weed out of the kids hands. Are there going to be programs “Just Say NO — to synthetic testosterone”? Soon we’ll need programs for high school girls to help them identify which guys are going to be prone to ‘roid rage.

Actually PEDs for high-schoolers makes the most sense for baseball players since they are usually drafted before they even graduate. So in addition to having a lot of money riding on their performance, they most likely won’t have to go through the strict testing and controls that exist in the NCAA.

The legal repercussions if the feds get heavily involved is hard to estimate since the MLB is supposedly helping Biogenesis owner Tony Bosch avoid legal troubles in exchange for his full cooperation. All we know for sure is that this isn’t close to being over.

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