The Rage that is the Facekini

It’s summertime and the one thing that most people want during this time is the perfect tan.

But not everyone is into tanning, just ask these Qingdaonese women taking a leisurly stroll on the beaches of China.

No, they aren’t extra’s in a horror movie or part of a Lucha Libre club, what they are wearing is Facekini and it’s one of the must have items in Qingdao, a seaside city in Northeast China where 9 million reside.

Women who wear a facekini say that it not only protects you from getting damaged skin and unwanted tanlines but also from jellfyish stings, mosquitoes, and sharks. Or so they claim.

The masks come in a variety of 18 colors and 3 different styles.

Lucky for us Americans, we can find them on ebay and on Etsy!

Start shopping!




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