Alec Baldwin’s Colorful Resume´ Keeps Growing



Alec Baldwin has played so many roles throughout the years: Central Park horse defender; paparazzi camera breaker; abusive voice mail enthusiast; Words with Friends dilettante; aspiring policitian. Oh, and there are all the parts he’s had as an actor, too. But over the past week, he has exposed yet another of his many talents: verbal gymnastics.

By now you’ve all heard about Baldwin’s Twitter rant directed at George Stark, a reporter for the Daily Mail who wrote a story claiming Baldwin’s pregnant wife was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin went to great lengths to deny Stark’s claims…and then went a few steps further, calling Stark a “toxic little queen.”

But never fear! That word doesn’t mean what you think it means! And he wasn’t calling for violence against the gay community - he was calling for violence against liars! So, to clear things up: Alec sets the rules for who gets called a queen and beaten up. Okay?

Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper is so NOT okay, and Paula Deen hides and hopes that this story gains traction-and a Today mea culpa that will overshadow hers.


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