Flo Rida’s Manager Ejected From Heat VS Pacers Game 7


The only real entertainment in the fourth quarter of the Heat’s blowout win over the Pacers last night came when the Pacer’s Jeff Pendergraph and the Heat’s Norris Cole decided to have a go at each other and ended up getting ejected.

Actually their confrontation was also pretty boring; the entertainment came when Flo Rida‘s manager, who had a sweet court-side seats, started heckling Jeff Pendergraph - aka gangly benchwarmer - and ended up getting ejected himself.

From there, the announcers take over the entertainment and we get a report from Crazy-Suit-Jacket Craig Sager and listen for Reggie Miller to refer to the artist in question as Flo Rider. You can see the manager start flipping out around the 1:27 mark.

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