The Queen (aka Dame Helen Mirren) has Tea with Dying Boy

Life gets busy when you’re the Queen of England; you’re not always able to attend every event to which you’re asked. LUCKILY, she has a fantastic stand-in, Dame Helen Mirren. 10-year-old Oliver Burton’s dying wish was to visit Buckingham Palace and have afternoon tea with the Queen. Oliver was born with Down’s Syndrome and was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006, when he was 3-years-old. He has fought it three times but when he relapsed for a fourth time in May of this year, doctors said there was little they could do.

image via Gawker

When her Highness couldn’t make it to visit with brave little Oliver, Mirren invited him and his family to Gielgud Theatre to see her play the Queen in Peter Morgan’s The Audience. After the show, Oliver and his parents came backstage, where Mirren was still dressed as the Queen. They had tea and cakes (served by footmen from the play) and met her corgis.

image via The Sun

Oliver’s mother, Catherine, said:

“Dame Helen was brilliant. She stayed in character the whole time and spent a lot of time talking to Oliver and drawing him out of himself. She signed his British flag, which he waves all the time. Even now, if you ask him who he met recently, he smiles and waves the flag. He believes he met the real Queen and that’s fine by us.”

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet such a brave young man,” Mirren later told The Sun.

Checkout Oliver’s Facebook support page, One Little Life Inspires Everyone!

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