Mixed Box Office Numbers Surprise “Star Trek Into Darkness”

JJ Abrams‘s second installment of his reboot of the iconic series has quickly garnered huge numbers in its “overseas” tally, but its domestic intake has not performed as expected.

Sherlock Holmes… er, Benedict Cumberbatch co-stars.


Totals of its unusual 4 1/2 day weekend bring its domestic total to $84 million, and its worldwide total is expected to reach $164.9 million by the end of the weekend according to Deadline.com.

Paramount‘s Star Trek Into Darkness improved 80% in foreign markets, yet it did not achieve its goal of $100 million at home. Furthermore, STID was unable to match the success of Abrams’s original Star Trek in 2009 which obtained a $75.2 million opening weekend using the traditional 2-day format.

Meanwhile Marvel/Disney‘s Iron Man 3 has reached the $1 billion mark (world wide) in its 3rd weekend, while Warner Brothers‘ The Great Gatsby experienced a 53% drop-off in week 2.

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