Anthony Weiner Places 2nd in Latest Democratic Mayoral Poll

Anthony Weiner

In the most recent poll conducted by NBC New York/Marist Polling, former Congressman Anthony Weiner has placed 2nd as the Democrat choice for Mayor of New York City to replace current Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The poll of registered voters taken over the last four days offers a premiere glimpse at what the race would look like with Weiner as a legitimate contender. The newly released poll affirms that if Weiner were to enter the race now, he would begin in second place, receiving 15 percent of the vote among Democratic respondents. The presumed front-runner, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn received 26 percent of the vote, proving that she will be a tough contender in the field.

It is important to note that no candidates or presumed candidates are anywhere near the 40 percent mark necessary to avoid a runoff situation. Even more important to note is that 50 percent of Democrats stated that they would not consider voting for the former Congressman. Weiner is in the midst of rehabilitating his image after his fall from grace in 2011 when he lied about sending sexual and semi-nude photos out on Twitter claiming that his account had been hacked. Weiner later came forward and made a public apology and would eventually resign his seat in Congress.

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