#PrayForBoston More Popular Than #BostonMarathon and #Boston Hashtags; #RunForBoston Emerging. . .

Yesterday’s tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon left the public craving constant coverage of the event. While the cable channels repeated the same known information every 15 minutes, most turned to the Internet for extended explanations.

There was speculation over a possible suspect (PHOTO), however much is still unknown. As we enter day 2 of the crisis, expect news to become more definitive. In an age where every TV episode and event, both big and small, has a corresponding hashtag, the public took to Twitter. Our query revealed that in the wake of the explosions, people took to prayer.

via Topsy.com, Accessed April 16, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Using Topsy.com, a searchable analytics website monitoring Twitter, ViralRead discovered that #PrayForBoston was the single most popular hashtag related to yesterday’s tragedy.

Sometimes we find the hope for humanity in a hashtag. Continue to #PrayForBoston.

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  1. April 17, 2013  2:20 pm by SeoDamian Reply

    Looked at another tool http://www.hashtags.org/ but all the links are 502. The amount of metadata and ease of which we can now process and analyze or speculate on it continues to shift our sense of understanding of the world. Big Data will continue to shape our world in ways that will make it feel much smaller then the last century. For better or worse.

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