Hero Carlos Arredondo Recounts His First-Person View of the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Carlos Arredondo, who has been seen in a now-infamous (warning: graphic content) photo pinching a victim’s femoral artery while escorting him in a wheelchair to an ambulance, shakes uncontrollably as he describes in the video below what the bomb site looked like immediately after the explosion - and what he did to help and comfort the victims. The most heart-wrenching part is when he tells of the woman that he saw suffering, but was unable to assist because he could “only help only one at a time.”


Arredondo, an anti-war activist, suffered nearly a decade ago when his first son, who had enlisted early in the United States Marines Corps, died on his father’s 44th birthday. Arredondo’s second son committed suicide several years later after suffering depression over the loss of his brother.

He is among the countless everyday heroes that we all thank for their actions yesterday at the Boston Marathon Tragedy.

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  2. April 20, 2013  1:41 pm by cate Reply

    That is one of the few people who actually deserves the title of hero that the media likes to throw around.


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