Luckiest Belt Buckle – EVER!

The Associated Press reported on April 11 that one Philly resient may have the luckiest belt in America.  During a shooting, a stray bullet hit a man in his belt buckle, which possibly saved his life – and much more.

A man says he was saved by his belt bucklewhen he was hit by a stray bullet during a shooting outside aPhiladelphia grocery store.

It happened in the city’s Grays Ferry section around 4 p.m. Wednesday. Police say a man was shot in the stomach on the street and a bullet also hit an employee inside 8 Brothers Supermarket.

The 38-year-old worker, Bienvenido Reynoso, says he was about to take a hand truck outside when shots started flying and he hit the ground.

He says he didn’t realize he’d been hit until someone noticed he had a hole in his shirt. That’s when he found the bullet stuck to his belt buckle.

He later said he’s keeping it for life.  Mr. Reynoso didn’t have his gut pierced.  Sounds like he had a good day.

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