Russian Man Blows Up Ex-Wife in Attempt To Win Her Back

Put this in the book of insane news. A Russian guy decided that it would be great to use a bomb to win back his ex-wife:

She had gone to the forest to collect a package that an anonymous note said would contain the documents needed to settle her father’s financial problems.

As the woman picked up the package, the explosive device went off.

Police detained her ex-husband, who confessed to manufacturing and planting the explosive device and luring the woman to the spot where he had hidden it.

The man said his plan was to get his former spouse, who had divorced him in October 2010, to return to him “by having her believe that he is her sole protector”, the committee said in a statement.

The woman lost a finger and part of another in the blast, which also broke several of her wrist bones and other fingers.

Of course, how can she cook if she’s got broken hands and wrists?

Silly Russian guy.



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