Friskies Hackathon Makes New iPad Games for Cats

This weekend, Friskies hosted its first “Game for Cats Hackathon”  on the Amplify campus Los Angeles, CA.

What is a hackathon, you may ask? It’s when programmers collaborate to code a program in a short period of time. In this case, the winner will receive $15,000 and have their app developed.

Friskies Games for Cats


Watch cats playing iPad games specifically developed for them:

This is just one of Friskies’ recent marketing initiates. The infamous Grumpy Cat showed up in a episode of “Will Kitty Play With It?”

I bet cats around the world are reacting like this:

The winners will be announced later today at 6:30pm (Pacific time, since cats apparently just got their own division in Apple’s headquarters).

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