Controversy: Buckeyes Escape With Win Over Underdog Iowa State.

In a match that went neck-and-neck, swinging wildly until the last shot, the Ohio State Buckeyes eked out a victory over the Iowa State Cyclones to put them into the Sweet Sixteen.

Ohio State point-guard Aaron Craft had an uneven game - missing several shots in the second half and committing a key turnover. He redeemed himself, though, knocking down a 3-point buzzer beater to end a game that looked like it would continue the trend of early departures from high-seeded teams.

The game also featured a questionable charging call that went against Iowa State, infuriating fans. The NCAA’s Officiating Coordinator John Adams responded to the controversial call, post game. “I spoke with the official, and he determined the defender established legal guarding position outside the restricted area prior to the offensive player leading the floor to start his shot. When asked, the official said he did not see the defender’s foot over the restricted area line. By rule this is not a reviewable play.”

With their 10th straight win, Ohio State has what is arguably an easy road to the Final Four. They face sixth-seeded Arizona next Thursday in Los Angeles.

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