Bobby Jindal’s Lukewarm #CPAC2013 Delivery

Starting off with a bit of dry humor about his speaking abilities versus President Obama’s, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal used his calm Southern speaking style to discuss the topic that has gotten him into controversy over the last year: the need for the Republican Party to change itself. Jindal discussed what the GOP needs to do before winning elections: “We must fight the battle of ideas.” However, Jindal decried the need for the Republican Party to recede and go through a period of introspection, insisting that members focus on winning the argument against liberal ideology.

Governor Jindal went on to describe what he sees as two distinctly different paths:  “We can either go down the government path or the American path. The left is trying to turn the government path into the American path. Shame on us if we let them do that!” He continued on: “The genius of America is that our strength and power and growth come from the individual actions of our people….What sets us apart is not our government, but our individuals.”

Jindal’s main point was summed up his desire to change the Party in one sentence: “As we build a new Republican Party, we must shift the byline away from managing government and towards growth.”

The Governor comfortably gripped the podium throughout the speech, not seeming disturbed by the fact that applause was rather low-key. However, his insistence that tax reform be pushed through was met with a loud “Hear hear!” from the audience, and he won both applause and a standing ovation when he closed his speech. “It falls to us to unleash a new dawning of the American dream…“I’m calling for us to be busy winning that argument.”


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