New Weather Channel Reality Show Debuts Today


If watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address tomorrow night isn’t your thing, there’s an alternative at 9:00pm ET:  the debut of The Weather Channel’s new reality show, “Reef Wranglers”.

Set off the coast of Alabama, “Reef Wranglers,” (formerly “Reefmakers”) follows a family of experienced divers and demolition experts who work to reduce erosion and pollution and to restore the area’s once thriving ecosystem by creating artificial reefs – sinking everything from a Vietnam-era plane to a local shrimp boat. The Gulf of Mexico is a breeding ground for bad weather and conditions that change suddenly. Often battling hurricane-force winds, these men and women risk life and limb to sink custom reef systems to enhance the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem.

Apparently, the channel has a burgeoning list of reality shows, including “Lifeguard! Southern California”, and two other new series “Deadliest Space Weather” and “Prospectors”.

(Image Credit: David Doubilet/

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